MetaLaunch was created to assist new projects and NFT holders in fundraising through token/NFT sales to the community. We simplify this process by providing a decentralized platform that allows users to buy tokens/NFTs directly from their wallets with just one click. This eliminates the need for creators and participants to use centralized exchanges and reduces the risk of hacking and other security risks. MetaHub's Launchpad platform is built on an EVM-based chain and leverages cross-chain capabilities to deliver a seamless user experience.

MetaLaunch consists of two main components: IDO/INO and DeFi System.

IDO/INO: The sale of tokens/NFTs is the primary function of MetaHub Launchpad. New projects can launch their tokens or NFTs on our platform by creating a sale plan proposal. The MetaHub community will vote on this proposal.

Only when the proposal is approved by the community, can the token be sold on MetaLaunch.
After the token sale ends, users can trade tokens on the secondary market. The token price can increase or decrease depending on market demand and other factors. The liquidity pool on MetaHub helps to ensure sufficient liquidity for tokens to be traded on the secondary market.

DeFi system: To support potential projects in their development through MetaLaunch, we provide DeFi platforms so that new projects can leverage them immediately after IDO/INO, such as Staking, Farming, LSD...

Thanks to the components and functionality of MetaLaunch, the platform becomes a powerful tool for new projects and NFT owners to raise funds and grow. With EVM network support and cross-chain capabilities, Meta Launchpad provides a seamless user experience and helps to extend the modern blockchain ecosystem, while facilitating the sustainable development of projects and the MetaHub platform.

By providing a user-friendly and secure platform, MetaLaunch enhances access and support for new projects while creating investment opportunities for users and the community. By combining IDO/INO components and DeFi system, MetaLaunch not only efficiently facilitates project fundraising but also establishes a supportive environment for the development and success of future projects.