Total Vesting Amount

Once account staking is activated, Users will receive double the amount, raising the "Total Vesting Amount" to 200% of the tokens Users have staked (also known as your "Initial Capital").

Users will receive a daily reward at a rate of 0.4% to 0.8% on the "Total Vesting Amount," which Users can claim to the connected wallet (with a 10% tax) or Compound (with 0% tax) to reinvest and increase the "Total Vesting Amount." The "Total Vesting Amount" will gradually decrease after the number of tokens vested has been deducted.

NOTE: Make sure to log in to your account daily to perform the claim or compound function, as the reward will not be transferred to the next day.

Users can register the "Automatic Compound" function, and the system will automatically compound their rewards every day without requiring manual action.