NFT Marketplace

MetaHub Marketplace is a unique and advanced platform for trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), designed to help users buy, sell, and exchange NFTs easily and conveniently. In particular, this platform supports the widest range of token standards on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain, including ERC-721 and ERC-4907... With MetaHub Marketplace, users can discover and transact with various types of NFTs, from digital artworks to collectibles and in-game items, and much more. The platform is built with the purpose of ensuring verification and accurate ownership proof for all NFTs listed on the platform. This enables users to make purchases and own NFTs with peace of mind, free from concerns about counterfeit assets, while providing essential protection for the rights and copyrights of creators.

The safety and reliability of MetaHub Marketplace play a crucial role in attracting users to the NFT market. This not only contributes to the expansion of the NFT industry but also fosters creativity, generates new values, and drives the growth of the digital economy.

MetaHub Marketplace offers three main functions: NFT buying and selling, NFT renting, and NFT rent-to-own. Through these functions, users have the ability to place sell or rent orders and choose the desired payment units they wish to receive. This brings greater flexibility and control for users in their NFT transactions.

MetaHub Marketplace establishes a close connection with Metacitizen. This linkage allows the affiliate marketing system to receive rewards from the transaction fees generated by the Marketplace. This creates an opportunity to reward active participants in the community while establishing a sustainable economic model for the platform.

The platform transaction fee is 10% divided as follows:

  • 7%: Affiliate Hub
  • 2%: Tax Management System
  • 1%: Burn