Who Are Affiliators?

In MetaHub's diverse community, Affiliators are more than individuals or organizations participating in the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform to promote and advertise tasks created by Requesters. They have a significant mission – to build an unlimited passive income source for themselves. The agility and dynamism of Affiliators contribute to the robust growth of the community.

Affiliators aren't just proactive in promoting tasks; they become primary communicators about the DAC platform. By effectively conveying information, they raise community awareness and interest in the tasks and opportunities DAC brings. Through their contribution, Affiliators drive a strong increase in the number of new Hunters.

MetaHub welcomes anyone desiring to become an Affiliator, through referrals that introduce new users to the project. This creates an equal and expansive opportunity for everyone.

A key benefit for Affiliators is that while Minter can only maximize 200% on the amount of $MEN Staked on the MetaMinting platform, Affiliators have the opportunity to accelerate their minting speed up to 600% on the amount of $MEN Staked. This opens substantial opportunities for strong and diversified income growth for Affiliators.

Beyond participation in MetaMinting, MetaHub's ecosystem offers various products and opportunities. This not only expands Affiliators' earnings potential but also diversifies their income sources, ensuring stability and sustainability for the future.