Affiliate Level

Affiliate Levels on the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming platform offer not just one, but multiple special benefits to you. As you progress to higher levels, you will gain even more valuable advantages within the MetaHub ecosystem. This Affiliate Level system comprises a total of 20 levels. The benefits of the Affiliate Levels not only make a significant difference but also provide unique opportunities and advantages. With each level you reach, you will experience new conveniences and enhanced opportunities for interacting with the MetaHub community.

The benefits may include, but are not limited to, accelerated token minting speed, increased earnings on the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming platform, access to exclusive tools and resources, and much more. These benefits enable you to gain superior advantages while also reflecting fairness and transparency within the MetaHub partner system.


When your F1 participates in MetaMinting, this will increase your "Total Vesting Amount" by an additional 30% on their Staking value when you are at Level 0 or Level 1."

There are three ways to increase your Affiliate Level:

  • When an account joins using your referral link (assigned as your F1) and stakes a minimum of $200 worth of tokens, you will receive one level. The more accounts that join using your referral link, the higher your level. Each F1 will only help you level up one time.
  • Once you start owning NFT-Passes in your personal wallet, your level will increase with a rate of 5 NFT-Passes to one level.
  • If you own stMEN tokens in your personal wallet, your level will increase with 2500 tokens to one level.

The total number of levels derived from the above three sources will become your official Level, which will decrease accordingly if you move NFT-Pass and stMEN out of your wallet. The maximum level is 20.