How It Works

MetaMinting is a breakthrough solution for minting tokens based on decentralized staking, known as Deflationary Token Minting. This model utilizes proof of stake based on the number of minted NFT-Passes and the number of staked tokens to mine new tokens. The main goal of MetaMinting is to effectively address the issue of token inflation by gradually reducing the amount of tokens mined each day over time.

This system is built on the foundation of smart contracts to ensure transparency and fair distribution of rewards for users. When users mint NFT-Passes or stake $MEN tokens in MetaMinting, they receive daily rewards of up to 0.8% based on their Total Vesting Amount. The number of tokens that can be mined will range from 200% to 600% of the staked token amount.

There are two ways to activate a Staking account through the Deflationary Token Minting model:

  • Option 1: Mint NFT-Passes through the NFT-Pass Offering (NPO) event.
  • Option 2: Stake MEN Tokens.

Proof of Stake (PoS)

Proof of Stake (PoS)