Reward Pool

To perform tasks on the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform, users need to register as members of MetaHub and proceed to complete the available tasks on the platform. Upon completing a task, users can claim their rewards to their personal wallet.

Rewards within DAC are divided into two types:

  • Tasks that require payment, such as buying/selling on the Marketplace, participating in Launchpad, conducting Staking, Farming, and other activities, will be rewarded with the same units traded within each task.
  • The remaining tasks will be rewarded with the same type of token that Requesters added to the reward pool at the time of task initiation, and Requesters can choose any token as a reward.

When members actively build communities on MetaHub and encourage their community to participate actively and complete tasks, they open up opportunities for unlimited passive income development. This not only benefits individual users but also promotes the sustainable development of the MetaHub ecosystem.

We are committed to providing a transparent and fair operating environment while creating favorable conditions for users to engage in DAC activities and experience worthy rewards. With the positive contributions from the community, MetaHub takes pride in being a trustworthy and worthwhile platform to participate in within the realm of Web3.