The NFT-Pass represents the initial investment value, with a total supply of 77,000 NFTs, and offers exclusive features, including activation of the Staking account and unlock full access to the MetaHub ecosystem, including:

  • MetaMinting: Through the NFT-Pass Minting event, users have the opportunity to own NFT-Pass and access daily MEN token minting rights. Each NFT-Pass grants the ability to mint up to 1000 Tokens.
  • Revenue SharingMetaHub will distribute 30% of its tax revenue through a smart contract. This contract will collect revenue from MetaHub's activities and distribute it to NFT-Pass owners. The revenue-sharing ratio is determined based on the number of NFT-Passes held by each member.
  • Marketplace Trading: NFT-Passes can be bought and sold on the Marketplace. However, it's important to note that only NFT-Passes minted through the new NPO event can activate Staking accounts. NFT-Passes purchased on the Marketplace will not have the capability to activate Staking accounts.
  • Affiliate Level: Owning NFT-Pass helps users increase their level in MetaMinting's affiliate marketing program. Every 5 NFT-Passes will increase the user's level by 1, enhancing profits by accelerating $MEN token mining.
  • Whitelist: The IDO and INO Whitelist is stored as a smart contract and can only be accessed by MetaHub NFT-Pass owners.
  • Governance: At MetaHub DAO, the community is governed through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) smart contract. NFT-Pass owners have the right to vote on significant decisions such as investments, revenue allocation, and community initiatives. The DAO smart contract stores and executes the voting process, ensuring secure and transparent governance within the system.